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Mar 31, 2022 | Mindy Parisien | 603 views
AGM - Proposed Amendments
The following are proposed amendments as put forth by Jamie Larsen to be discussed and voted on at the Annual General Meeting to take place on Wednesday April 13t at 7:30pm at the Harrow Arena.

Resolution 1: Improvement of conflict resolution guidelines and processes

Reasoning: SCP is composed of many volunteers (board members, coaches, trainers and managers) that are dedicating a significant amount of time to the operation of girls hockey in the region. Each year difficult decisions are made at the board level that impact these volunteers and the families that are playing for the organization. It should be clear that personality conflicts should be overlooked and that all decisions should be made in a thoughtful manner with the players best interest at heart. Furthermore, in no case should one member of the board be solely responsible for making unilateral decisions. Documented consultation with other board members, convenors for the age group and in certain situations coaches should be included. The current guidelines for the organization has the past-president as the dispute resolution person. This person is not listed on the website. A better effort is required to deal with conflict resolution within SCP.

Resolution: That clear conflict resolution guidelines and processes are developed and placed in a separate section on the SCP website for easy access. That either the Past-President is listed on the website or that a VP position of conflict resolution is created. This person is required to be well versed in the SCP guidelines and OWHA/EKGIHL rules and make contact with other similar organizations to understand how effective conflict resolution can be achieved in the organization. With regards to organization structure, this person is required to properly document and report conflicts among SCP members (volunteers, parents and staff) and carefully consider opinions of the board and/or parties involved in the conflict. This person has the full authority to contradict board ruling should they feel that the decision is unfair, biased or violates any policies and procedures put forward by Hockey Canada, the OWHA, SCP or EKGIHL.

Resolution 2: Rescinding goaltending rule

Reasoning: On November 18, 2021, the SCP board communicated a new rule banning the movement of positional or dual (goalie/positional) players who wanted to play goalie for a team other than their own if they had not played goalie in the previous game. This subsequently limited several dual and position players trying to play goal for other teams. While the organization has made indications that they need goaltenders and are encouraging players to try playing goalie, this rule countered this effort in every way.

Resolution: That any player wanting to play the position of goaltender is allowed to move laterally or to a higher age group provided, the parents and both coaches have agreed that this can occur. The agreement should be formalized in writing and completed using an OWHA player pick up form.

Resolution 3: In-season Player placement rule.

Reasoning: New players joining the SCP organization should be welcomed at all times provided OWHA rules are being followed. Placement of new players on SCP teams should follow fair and transparent processes at all times. Decisions on player placement must be mutually decided upon amongst the convenor and coaches who are the volunteers that are impacted by new players entering their teams. This decision should not be unilaterally made by one person in the organization without consultation to ensure a fair and transparent process.

Resolution: That when a new player joins the SCP organization after initial rostering is completed, the decision on player placement is made by the coaches and convenor of the age division that the player is joining. After registration of the new player, an evaluation skate can be requested before official rostering is completed.

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