Social Networking Policy (South County Predators)

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Social Networking Policy

SCPGHA strongly supports OWHA Social Networking Policy.

Social Networking is defined as communicating through on-line communities of people such as, but
not limited to, Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, Snapchat, Instagram, TikTok, blogging, etc. Any inappropriate behaviour over Social Networking channels will not be tolerated and may result in disciplinary action.

Guidelines within Social Networking include:

  • Comments/remarks of an inappropriate nature which are detrimental to a team, SCPGHA and/or an individual will not be tolerated and will be subject to disciplinary action
  • Comments made on social media are on record and instantly published. Always conduct yourself in an appropriate and professional manner.
  • Refrain from listing confidential information. Do not discuss players injuries.

Always use your best judgment- pause before posting. Ultimately, you are solely responsible for your comments which directly reflect the SCPGHA at large.

Social Media Violations

The following are examples of social media violation and may be subject to disciplinary action by the SCPGHA Board.

  • Any statement deemed to be publicly critical of the officials (on or off the ice)
  • Divulging confidential information that may include, but it is not limited to the following:

o   Player injuries

o   Player movement

o   Game strategies

o   any other matter of a sensitive or personal nature to an individual athlete, volunteer, parent

  • Negative or derogatory comments about any of the opposing teams
  • Any form of bullying, harassment or threats against players or officials
  • Photographs, videos or comments that illustrate negative influence or criminal behaviour including but not limited to:

o   Drug use

o   Alcohol abuse

o   Public intoxication

o   Hazing

o   Sexual exploitation, etc.

  • Inappropriate, derogatory, racist or sexist comments of any kind
  • Online activity that is meant to alarm other individuals, players, teams or to misrepresent fact or truth

Discipline to Social Media Violations

If any of the identified social media violations as listed above have been found, please forward the concern to your local convenor. The issue will be presented to the SCPGHA Board for review and the appropriate disciplinary action of choice will be given (dependent on the violation type).
Social Networking Policy