Bullying/Harassement (South County Predators)

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Bullying, Harassment & Abuse

SCPGHA is committed in ensuring that within the sport of hockey, all persons involved, both coaching staff, players and parents, can play within an environment that prohibits discriminatory practices of all kinds. There is zero tolerance for harassment, abuse, bullying or misconduct of any kind. SCPGHA will provide the support to ensure all involved within the sport are safeguarded against discrimination of any kind. SCPGHA acknowledges and supports the OWHA 2019-2020 Harassment, Abuse, Bullying and Misconduct Policy, requirements & definitions.

In the event that board intervention is required please notify your local convenor who will initiate the appropriate channels of communication for resolution.

NOTE: Removal of a player from further play and or from the organization is the final resolution of choice as agreed upon by coaching staff and association board members should the behavior not correct itself.