Team Selection Guidelines (South County Predators)

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Recommendations & Guidelines for Team Selection in House League (when applicable)

SCGPH will honour OWHA’s policy to ensure when there are 2 or more teams within the same house league center each team will consist of evenly skilled players and an even number of players.  Should more than one team exist, those affected house league players will be graded and drafted to produce balanced teams.

Graded Process

1)  All players will be provided with 1 or 2 ice practices in which the affected division coaches, along with the convenor will collectively observe and collectively provide a rating between 1 and 5. 1 meaning the strongest level of experience and 5 meaning the need for most improvement. All individuals present must agree to each player’s logged rating.

2)  Upon completion of the ice practice(s), coaches along with the convenor will privately meet to select the teams.


Team Selection Process
·    Each team can protect/choose 3 girls to remain on their team. Ie. Coaching staff own daughters
·    Each team should have the same amount of rated players (from 1 to 5) as is available.
·    Each team’s final team athlete count must be the same unless there is an odd number of players
·    Same team requests may not be accommodated unless the players are sisters
·    Goalies- if there are fewer goalies than teams, the goalie can be given to the team with one less #1 rated player. If there are goalies than teams, goalies can be rostered accordingly to each team, and the remaining additional goalies can be split across the teams. Coaching staff can help ensure games are scheduled fairly across all goalies involved.
·    All coaches and convenors must be in agreement to the selection of the teams. Should there be a conflict; a resolution must exist where the convenor will take lead to such.
·     Only upon the confirmed selection of teams as approved by coaches and convenors can parents and athletes be notified
·     The Board reserves the right to move players until October 15th

Team Practices

Teams have assigned practices and home ice as provided in advance by the league’s ice scheduler. Should a request be made for a permanent change in practice time, the request for such must be presented in advance to the appropriate team level convenor to forward to the board in large. Pending board approval, parents are to be informed of the supported intention of this change and in agreement of such.

Player Ice Time

House League Teams will operate on the basis of fair ice time per player in any game situation including playoffs.

Coaching Staff

The number of pre-selected coaching staff for all division teams will be limited to 3 and must ensure proper certification is in place. Ie. police clearance (vulnerable sector), coaching and trainer certification, Speak out, Respect in Sport.