Permission To Tryout 2024/2025 Season (South County Predators)

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Permission To Tryout 2024/2025 Season
Permission to Tryout forms are required when a player who is registered with the South County Predators Girls Hockey Association wants to participate in the tryouts of another OWHA association or team. Permission To Tryout forms are not valid until April 17th, 2024. Please allow 48 hours for response. Direct email requests will not be accepted.
Team Officials of any OWHA team shall not encourage indirectly or invite in a direct manner, or allow to
participate in any training activities, practice or play in any scheduled or exhibition game a registered
member of another OWHA team from the previous season or of the current season in any division or
category without first having obtained permission, in writing, in the manner set forth in REGULATION 3,
Registration (E) and or BY-LAW ARTICLE EIGHT, Player Movement/Tryouts (A) (1), from the team or club
with which such player is registered. For failure to comply with the above regulation and or the above policy,
the responsible team and or team official and player shall be sanctioned in any one or combination of the
following manners:

a) The head coach will be suspended for the minimum of ten (10) games;

b) The team will be fined a sum of Five Hundred Dollars ($500.00). This fine is payable within fifteen (15) days of
notification of the fine. Failure to submit the fine within the required time frame will result in automatic
suspension until the fine is paid;

c) The fine will be remitted to the OWHA;

d) The player will not be eligible to sign with the team with which she had illegal tryouts.

e) A suspension.