Code of Conduct - Coaching Staff (South County Predators)

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Code of Conduct- Coaches Responsibilities


In addition to the Code of Conduct General Responsibilities, coaches shall have the additional responsibilities to:

  • Ensure a safe environment that is age appropriate, at the ability and experience level of all athletes involved.

  • To prepare our athletes progressively, using appropriate methods while monitoring the physical and mental health of all athletes involved and not use methods or techniques that may harm athletes in any way.

  • Communicate with athletes, parents, trainers and medical professionals with the diagnosis and treatment of all athletes’’ physical and mental health problems.

  • Never condone the use of drugs or performance enhancing substances.

  • To accept and promote the athlete’s personal goals even if that means referring them to other coaches or specialists as the opportunities arise.

  • At no time to engage in an intimate or sexual relationship with one of your athletes

  • To give athletes the chance to discuss or contribute to proposed training or performance standards by providing information as necessary so they can be involved in the decisions making that affects the athletes

  • To always act in the best interest of the athletes as a whole person

  • To always adhere to the right to privacy procedures

  • To act reasonably when scheduling games and practices, keeping in mind that the athletes have other interests and obligations outside of the sport

  • To always teach the athlete to play fairly and to respect the rules, officials, opponents and teammate.

  • To give equal instruction, support and discipline to all athletes

  • To member that the main focus is to have fun, gain confidence and improve

  • To set a good example to our athletes and parents

  • To display modest in victory and graciousness in defeat and to encourage that in our athletes.

  • To obtain proper training and continue to upgrade coaching skills

  • To never put yourself in a position to be alone with one of the athletes, ensuring there is ALWAYS another coach/ or parent or female representation with you at all times.

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