Code of Conduct - Players (South County Predators)

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Code of Conduct- Players

In addition to the Code of Conduct General Responsibilities, the athletes’ responsibilities are:

  • To report any medical issue in a timely fashion.

  • To participate in all competitions, practices, training or other activities.

  • To follow all rules of competition and not attempt to enter a completion to which they are ineligible for any reason.

  • To adhere to all rules and regulations regarding clothing and equipment as set out by SCPGHA and governing bodies (OWHA/Hockey Canada).

  • To play hockey because you want to and not for any other reason.

  • To play by all the rules of the game in the spirit of the game.

  • To control tempers and refrain from fighting

  • To be a team player

  • To remember that winning is not everything-having funs, making friends, doing your best and to improve your skills is also important.

  • To respect coaches, officials and volunteers

  • To act in a manner that reflects the best sides of yourself, being an ambassador of the SCPGHA and community



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