Pre Season Check List & Expectations (South County Predators)

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SCPHA  2019-2020  Pre Season Checklist and Expectations

SCPGHA 2019-2020 Checklist and Expectations
MUST DO: (ideally within the first 2 weeks of your season)
1. Insure coaching certifications are up to date or completed.
 All coaching staff will have proper training (with proof) on file with SCPGHA. If training is required, this is
to be completed prior to any scheduled games.
2. Insure police clearances are known or obtained from all coaching, bench staff and den mothers.
 All coaching staff volunteers must have a current police clearance vulnerable sector on file (3 years or
less). This MUST be in place by October 15 th . Submit to your convenor.
3. Schedule a team meeting with players and their parents. Please ensure your convenor is available to be
* The SCPGHA Board will provide you with the necessary materials for distribution/review/sign off.
 Use the First Parent Meeting Guideline
 Introduce your convenor and explain their role
 Insure Parent/player sign off package is explained at the 1 st meeting and insure everyone reviews and
signs off
 Distribute medical health information forms and see that your team trainer has them, once returned, in
advance to the game
4. Tournament Scheduling:
 All OWHA tournaments can be found on the OWHA website. Any tournaments not OWHA sanctioned
must obtain travel permits.
 We also encourage coaches and managers to book or inquire about tournaments prior to the coach’s
scheduling meeting and to inform Tim Lacombe, 1 st Vice President via email ([email protected]), of
the tournament dates ASAP.
5. Game Scheduling Meeting is_____Sept 24 2019________
6. Scheduling for Home Games, Referees & Clocks
 Time sensitive; submission is due within 24 hours from the game scheduling meeting
 Refer and review the Scheduling Instructions for Home Games, Referees & Clocks process.
7. Communication
 Insure you cc your convenor on all outgoing emails to your team parents. Convenors need to be aware
and can provide support when needed
 Follow the 24 hour rule for any conflict or presented concerns. Follow the conflict resolution pathway.
Always keep your convenor informed and cc’d on all communication via email.
 Dressing Room Policy
o No males in the dressing room at all times until all players are fully dressed. Male coaches cannot enter
dressing rooms until they have been given clearance by a designated non playing female member of the
coaching staff. Female members/coaching staff must be present in the dressing room at all times while
any male coach is present.
 Games and Practices
o Trainers and coaches must be present at all practices and games. If an absence is anticipated please
make arrangements to find an alternate. 



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